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We work in an industry where 'who you know' is still a fast track to success and unpaid internships are rife. This unfair entry system leaves some of the UK's best untapped talent out in the cold.

Rebel Muse wants to help change this, with a series of events and opportunities for creatives seeking representation. We're calling it UNSIGNED. More than a diversity scheme, we want to focus on getting talent from low-income backgrounds the connections they need. 

The first of these events was a showcase of twelve talented screenwriters, of every background and identity, picked by a panel of industry experts. Everyone was welcome to apply, no matter their experience, connections or education. 

The showcase took place on the 28th June 2018, in a south London venue, where 12 finalists pitched to a room of agents and development execs. You can see a full list below. 

Stay tuned for news of our next event, coming soon.

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Our judges were:

Claire Sheppard, Carnival Films

Yero Timi-Biu, Writer

Abigail Dennis, Euston Films

Harriet Williams, Disney

The Results:

115 applicants in 5 days

42% from low-income backgrounds

Anonymous scoring

12 Finalists

The Finalists:

Aaron Nelson

AJ Merlin

Allison Davies

Aren Devlin

Danielle Wager

Hannah Deen

Kieran Roberts & Jed Birch

Pelé Hearne

Sid Law

Simon Jefferson

Xiao Tang

The Longlist:

Elaine Clayton

Dalia Saeed

Nkenna Akunna

Elisa Scubla

Emmanuelle Stannard

Kamila Stopyra

Liz Holliday

Sophie Benefer

Noel Chingunji

Zachary Ntim

Cihan Narin

Mahmut Mahmut

Nathan Wilkes

The Shortlist:

Atlanta Green

Naomi Westerman

Ruth Gaukrdoger

Kristina Korbelova

Christian Graham

Greg Whittle

Jack Croxall

Tristan Alice Nieto

James Morton

Iqbal Mohammed

Philip Catherwood

Lee Squires

Daniel Brown

Conor Powell

Eoin Maher

Mike Trueman

Lee Dilley

Peter Aldred

Benjamin Bee


Chloe Montgomery



Anastasia, founder of Rebel Muse, on why UNSIGNED and opportunities like it are so important.

As a creative from a low-income background, I came into the industry without any pre-existing contacts or financial support. I was lucky enough to win two fantastic internships and never had to work or 'pay my dues' for free. If I had, I wouldn't have been able to afford those first steps into the industry. 

I have spent the last couple of years trying to break in as a screenwriter. Getting an agent is often the first hurdle and a big one to make, as many agents go by recommendation. There is still a huge lack of female writers working in the industry; even less present are writers from low-income backgrounds, ethnic minorities, LGBTQI identities and those who are differently abled. This is no longer news but the gaps remain.


I decided it was time to try being proactive and create an opportunity for myself and others like me. People who have great ideas and talent but, for whatever reason, do not have the connections and financial stability to push their careers in the right direction. 

When I was given the chance to host an event, it seemed like a no-brainer. So for this first UNSIGNED, I'm looking for ten screenwriters to join me in a showcase for the agents and execs who can open the right doors. 

If you know an industry player who can help us, or a talented writer who deserves a hand up, please share this page!

For more info, you can get me on 

Best wishes,


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