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Greek myth describes the Muses as agents of inspiration. They gave artists, inventors and philosophers the ideas that built modern civilisation.


Imagine if the Muses had been real? And what if they were still alive today? 

Releasing in 2022, The Muses is a narrative NFT project on a mission to rewrite history for a more inclusive Web3. Our end goal is to develop and produce a live-action TV series that will spread our message as far and wide as possible. 

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Why this?


In much of history, the roles of women and minorities have been left out and forgotten. Our NFT collection, and its accompanying scripted series, will be an inclusive retelling of history, positioning nine diverse goddesses as the real orchestrators of events.


Yes, the good, the bad ...and the ugly.

Meet the womxn whose sparks of creativity have taken humankind from drawings on cave walls, to digital art minted on blockchains. What better moment to look back at the origins of inspiration than right now, when artists are leading the way into a Web3 adorned with their creations?​

This spring, we will release our first NFTs, The Muses Genesis Collection (9/9). Our roadmap is ambitious; token holders join our journey to write an alternative version of events, through a live-action series told by a global team. Read the pilot script, learn the Muses’ secrets and take part in our Web3 story conference.   


As the Muses would demand, a portion of profits will fund a showcase of new voices & artists, with another portion donated to charities fighting for a bright future.


Are you ready to see history retold?

The Muses NFTs and Drama Series are created by

Anastasia Marshall.

Hello, I’m Ana(stasia), an award-winning writer and producer living on the English coast. Like many of us, I’m inspired by rebels and underdogs who forge their own paths against all the odds. Perhaps it's no surprise then, that the NFT community has stolen my heart. 

A twisty career path took me through the halls of so-called "media giants" - Disney, the BBC and British Vogue if we're dropping names. Lately I’ve been submerged in the world of advertising, learning how global brands craft unforgettable identities. 


But, ever the cliché, my soul burns for art that inspires positivity, storytelling that builds a fairer future for all

With Rebel Muse Studios, the plan is simple: bring fresh and adventurous new voices to the forefront, and tell stories we can all own a piece of.


The Muses NFTs are the first foray into this new world of content creation. I’m excited, a little scared, but ready to paint, write and build into the unknown. Who's coming with me?


The Muses Roadmap



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