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"Welcome to The Confessional. It's time to cleanse your mind and start afresh. What would you like to confess today?"

Ten strangers’ confessions are leaked to the public, revealing their flaws, secrets, insecurities and hypocrisies to the world.

Click the link below and follow the digital breadcrumbs to uncover the truth behind The Confessional.

Cast &


Created and Directed by:

Anastasia Marshall

Series Produced by:

Sarah Mavity

Series Edited by:

Louis Cassidy

Voiceover by:

Hannah Whiteoak


The Spinster

Starring Meg Lake

Written by Anastasia Marshall

The Yummy Mummy

Starring Erina Mashate

Written by Beth Lamont

The High Achiever

Starring Ricky Singh

Written by Zahra Mirza

The Single Dad

Starring Charlie Kemp

Written by Niall Kenny

The Player

To be Cast

Written by Simon Jefferson

The Career Woman

Starring Joanne Rogers

Written by Chelsea Perrotty Talbot

The Junior Doctor

Starring Lauren Budd

Written by Allison Davies

The Dealer

Starring Daina Karai

Written by Anastasia Marshall

The Positive One

Starring Abiola Efunshile

Written by Cassandra Johnson-Bekoe

The Virgin

Starring Kieran James

Written by Beth Lamont

Special Thanks:

Katie Sinclair

A J Merlin

LIFT Facebook Group



The Confessional is a scripted web series produced entirely remotely during the spring of 2020.​

Whilst The Confessional is a fictional app, social media has become our religion and priest, the place where many of us seek support and redemption for our daily lives. At the same time, we invite judgement and ridicule in a space that holds little room for nuance and is rife with "cancel-culture".


And what of the unseen dangers, lurking behind the trolls and divisive comments, that threat of collected data, the harvested thoughts and images we assume are private?

Each episode is meant to incite debate and empathy, not be a damning judgement. Our aim was to deconstruct how we judge and categorise others (and ourselves), as well as look at the deeper thoughts and feelings behind our facades, real and virtual.

We are developing a second series that will further explore these topics and paint the bigger picture.

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