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Feature film


We are developing a feature film based on the true story of Vivienne Westwood and the birth of punk rock.

The film will be an anti-establishment joy-ride through one of Britain's key youth cultures, with altruistic goals to match.

From school-teacher, to single mother, to the queen of anarchy, Vivienne's story is truly remarkable.

Dramedy 10 x 25'


Playing out across social media, this is a drama built to strive across multiple platforms, as six twenty-somethings struggle through the highs and lows of the quarter-life crisis. 

Skins meets Girls for a modern UK audience, this series aims to tackle the real and dark issues causing rising anxiety rates, with empathy and a healthy dose of humour.

Thriller, 3 x 30'


A psychological thriller based on the popular short film Escape Me.

Twins Lisa and Anya are tricked into the sex trade and trafficked to a bleak port town on the English coast. Lisa plans their escape, but it's not their captors she's in danger from. 

Online series, 30 x 5'


A regular dose to satisfy the human addiction to storytelling, this online series will be fed straight into your inbox.

Snapshots into lives and situations, always with a twist and new perspectives. Perfect for the commute and highlighting topics for further development, Addicts, will also be our showcase for up and coming new talent. 

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