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Ex3 is our pledge to donate profits to charities in the three areas we believe will build a fairer, brighter future. 


From teaching children about emotional intelligence and different ways of life, to resources for the underprivileged, or training for adults who feel ostracised, we can bring everyone up to speed and work towards a common goal. Because until everyone understands the problems, they cannot be collectively solved.



Creating opportunities for womxn, Black, Indigenous, People of Colour, the LGBTQ+ community,  people with disabilities and all those from lower socio-economic backgrounds, is more important than ever. With the lightning fast evolution of technologies like Web3 and AI algorithms, the biases and injustices imbedded in data will perpetuate faster than we can imagine. Equal representation in our storytelling and digital creations is vital in nurturing a tech world of the future. 



Our home is being destroyed for the greed and benefit of the few. Change at a systemic and political level is the only way we can protect our environment and safeguard this unique planet for the generations to come. 

In response to the known impact of blockchain technologies on our carbon footprint, we will seek to influence best practices from within the community and set the standard for sustainability. In the meantime, carbon offsetting will keep our impact as low as possible.




Every year, Rebel Muse Studios will select 3 charities from each of the above sectors and donate a minimum of 10% profits to support their campaigns. 

We also pledge that we will not engage commercially with businesses that do not align with our values, instead championing those who do. 

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"Why should we all use our creative power?
Because there is nothing that makes people so generous, joyful, lively, bold and compassionate."

Brenda Veland
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